Development prospect of AGV Robot in 5G era

With the continuous expansion of the global middle class consumption group, the requirements for commodity quality are getting higher and higher, and customization has become a new trend.


Therefore, the current manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of diversification and individualized demand, and the production mode based on flexible technology has become a general trend. Especially in 3C industry, frequent updating products require flexible adjustment of production line at any time, modularization of production line and free combination of operation are the basic conditions. For example, the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility and low energy consumption of (AGV) applications are widely used in flexible manufacturing. AGV robot has great advantages both for enterprises and for future development.


Thanks to more and more landing applications in logistics, factory production lines and services, the mobile robot industry is in a vast blue sea and is likely to be the next tuyere. In the face of the burgeoning 100 billion market, a large number of industry pioneers and industrial innovators have begun to brighten their swords.


In addition, safety is the first in flexible manufacturing workshop. For traditional handling, any small mistake in the handling process may cause personal injury to the porter. AGV can not only operate normally without anyone monitoring, but also can detect and identify obstacles intelligently by carrying lidar, depth camera and other sensors, and effectively reduce the damage to the lowest point by taking the initiative to stop and bypass the obstacle.