Common ways of Logistics sorting

In logistics distribution, because of the size of warehouse, the number of orders and the type of goods, the sorting method is also different. However, the commonly used sorting methods can be divided into three categories: manual sorting, semi-automatic mechanical sorting equipment and automatic sorting machine.


First, manual sorting. It is the initial form of logistics sorting, is mainly manual, and only needs small equipment input. However, with the development of e-commerce, the number of order sorting increases rapidly, the distribution routing increases, and the labor cost, distribution processing speed, management efficiency and user experience have changed. Pure manual sorting can not meet the requirements of large-scale distribution. In order to respond to the market demand, a variety of sorting equipment has been produced and put into use, among which e-commerce logistics is in the forefront, and automation equipment has been popularized on a large scale. However, manual sorting still plays an important role in the sorting of super-sized packages, especially in the logistics industry, which can not be processed by sorting machines, such as large parts, overweight, heteromorphism and so on.


Second, semi - automatic mechanical sorting equipment. This method uses machinery (such as conveyor) as the main transportation tool, through the allocation of operators in each sorting position to carry out sorting. This kind of sorting method has little investment, which can also reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency of sorting to a certain extent. It is suitable for logistics distribution sites where the order fluctuation is small, the order quantity is stable, and the workload of each sorting area is similar. However, this sorting method only improves the efficiency of a certain operation locally, and the flexibility is relatively low, so it is necessary to achieve the optimal sorting efficiency under the premise of satisfying the design conditions. In the event of a surge in sorting volume and exceeding the load on the sorting line, personnel deployment is required to assist in sorting .


Third, automatic and intelligent sorting equipment. This kind of way is the goods from entering the sorting equipment to the designated position, and all the operations are completed automatically according to the instructions, therefore, the sorting equipment processing ability of this sorting mode is strong, the sorting goods category is wide and the quantity is large, which is the sorting mode favored by the logistics sorting center at present.