The application of sliding shelf

Practicability: sliding composite pipe shelf can save manpower and material delivery efficiency, help to improve work efficiency and speed up the working speed of production line. The shelf tilts downward in the direction of shipment, the goods slide down under the action of gravity, and the goods are first in, first out and easy to access. It is suitable for the process conversion on both sides of the assembly line, the picking operation of the distribution center and other places, which can be equipped with electronic tags to realize the information management of the goods and reduce the waste of inventory and handling. First-in-first-out shelf plays a very important role in logistics warehousing, and it has the characteristics of simplicity, scalability and so on. In line with JIT production mode, it can follow the Italy assembly, sustainable improvement, reusable and ergonomic, with compressed work station and increased benefits.


Sliding shelf is a light first-in-first-out shelf, which is usually used in conjunction with standard revolving boxes or cartons. The shelves can be used independently, or multiple units can be combined. It is widely used in warehouses, factory assembly workshops and various distribution centers. This shelf has the advantages of simple structure, compact, beautiful, no energy consumption and no noise. Compared with other shelves, the working efficiency can be improved by 50%. In warehouse equipment, shelves refer to the storage equipment specially used to store items. Shelves play a very important role in logistics and warehousing. With the rapid development of modern industry, the flow of goods has increased greatly in order to realize the warehouse. The modern management of the library and the improvement of the function of the warehouse not only require a large number of shelves, but also require multi-function, and can realize the requirements of flexibility and automation.