The characteristic of supply chain logistics management

Supply chain logistics management is also a kind of logistics management, which is not essentially different from the usual logistics management. It also includes the planning, design and organization of transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, processing and information processing, as well as the systematic point of view and the method of system engineering. The characteristic of supply chain logistics management is that when organizing logistics activities, we should fully consider the characteristics of supply chain. The biggest characteristic of supply chain is coordination, such as storage point setting, transportation batch, transportation link, supply and demand relationship and so on. It is necessary to consider intensification and synergy as a whole, which not only ensures the needs of the main enterprises in the supply chain, but also reduces the needs of the main enterprises in the supply chain. The total logistics cost between supply chain enterprises in order to improve the overall operation efficiency of supply chain.


The benefits mentioned here are focused on the overall benefits of the supply chain, and the cost is the total cost of the supply chain. This means that some benefits will be reduced, and some costs will increase. Because the supply chain is a system, such a result, it is normal and reasonable when dealing with the problem from a systematic point of view.


Its main representative of supply chain overall benefit is the core enterprise benefit. It should be said that the mission of the whole supply chain is to improve the efficiency of the core enterprises. Therefore, supply chain logistics management is actually to stand on the position of the core enterprises, communicate the logistics channels of the whole supply chain, plan, design and optimize them reasonably, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operation cost, and provide strong support for the efficient operation of the core enterprises.