The composition of sliding shelf

The main components of sliding shelf include shelf, raceway, and joint fitting series. With arbitrary station assembly, it has a wide range of uses, such as automotive stations, electronics industry and so on.


Wire rod: wire rod (also known as plastic pipe) is a welded steel pipe with plastic resin coating, in order to prevent the separation of coating and steel pipe, they are bonded with a special adhesive. The inner wall of the steel pipe is anticorrosive coating, the diameter of the standard wire rod material is 28mm, and the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 1.0mm.


Fluent strip: fluent strip is mainly used for warehousing and shelf supporting products, which can be used as slide, guardrail, guide device, transfer flexibility. Fluent strip is made of steel and roller slide to form a complete set of special shelves, which is widely used in the factory assembly line and logistics distribution center in the sorting area. Fluent strip is a special shelf composed of section steel and roller slide, which is widely used in the sorting area of factory assembly production line and logistics distribution center, especially in the digital sorting system, which greatly improves the sorting and distribution efficiency of materials and reduces errors.