The supply chain logistics management

The supply chain should be organized and managed by the core enterprises, so the supply chain logistics management should also be organized and managed by the core enterprises. Because only the core enterprises really know what its supply chain logistics management should do, it can really represent its interests, in order to be the most effective. However, by the core enterprise organization and management, it is not necessary for the core enterprise to organize and manage in person. On the contrary, because logistics management is more cumbersome and supply chain logistics management is more complex, it is very difficult for any production enterprise to manage its main energy and manage logistics at the same time. So, in general, according to the current practice, supply chain logistics management can be entrusted by core enterprises or outsourced to third-party logistics companies. As the Party A of the contract, it only puts forward the management objectives and tasks, and only supervises the execution effect of the third party logistics company. As Party B of the contract, the third party logistics company puts forward the logistics plan according to Party A's target and task, and implements it concretely. Because the third party logistics company has the specialized logistics management experience and the ability, to organize and manage the supply chain logistics according to the request of the core enterprise, which may receive the better effect than the core enterprise personally organizes and manages.