Work together to make the express package "green"

From the government level


It is necessary to formulate and refine rigid standards and pay attention to policy incentive and guidance while strengthening supervision.


Environmental protection is the greatest people's livelihood, and the environment has obvious attributes of public goods, so government investment and guidance is essential.


On the one hand, through the revision and formulation of industry standards, express packaging reduction, green, recyclable requirements, and increase the intensity of inspection and punishment.


On the other hand, it is necessary to reflect the different directions to the source enterprises through certain reward and punishment measures, such as taxing the production of traditional plastic bags, tax exemption on completely biodegradable plastic bags, and subsidizing the active use of green packaging enterprises.


For logistics enterprises


Instead of passive rectification and reform, it is better to seek green transformation one step in advance.


The environmental protection requirements of express packaging become stricter and tighter, for logistics enterprises, whether due to environmental pressure or long-term cost considerations, packaging transformation is not only inevitable, but also an early opportunity.


It can be seen that some large logistics enterprises have started to deal with, direct delivery packaging, shared express boxes, construction of social recovery system, and so on.


But there are a lot of pain points, take the shared delivery box as an example, who will bear the logistics surcharge caused by weight, repeated use will bring safety problems, will there be peak period no box available in the cycle?


To make the express industry really "green" needs to solve the problem of recycling. It is difficult to crack the recycling of circular packaging and need to weave dense community recycling network. in fact, in recent years, logistics enterprises have scrambled for community layout, which may make the construction of community recycling network feasible.


For consumers


We also need to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, and transform the concept into practical action, starting from their own, from the small things around them.


"When you open the packaging of online shopping products to enjoy the happiness of online shopping, do you realize the pollution and waste of express packaging?"


The logistics enterprises promote circular packaging recycling, providing only the convenience of services, and the actual results also depend on consumers that can actively cooperate.


In any case, environmental protection is closely related to everyone. We can't stay out of the way to be a bystander or even the originator of environmental pollution. We might as well start with the small matter of actively cooperating with express packaging recycling.