Sliding shelf

Sliding shelf adopts roller aluminum alloy, sheet metal and other flow bars, using the weight of the cargo bench, to pick up the goods in and out, with storage convenience, as well as one replenishment multiple times, to pick up the goods. High efficiency of flow rack storage is suitable for short-term storage and selection of a large number of goods. It can be equipped with electronic labels to achieve easy management of goods, and commonly used sliding containers have revolving boxes, part boxes and cartons, which is suitable for a large number of goods and short-term storage and selection and suitable for short-term storage and selection of large quantities of goods. It is widely used in distribution center, assembly workshop and warehouse with high shipping frequency.


The structural characteristics of the fluency shelf: the fluent strip of the fluency shelf is directly connected to the front and rear beams and the middle support beams, and the beams are directly hung on the pillars. The installation inclination of the fluent shelves depends on the size, weight and depth of the rack, usually 5%9%. The bearing capacity of the flow strip roller is 6kg. When the goods are heavy, 3 to 4 fluent bars can be installed on a raceway. Usually, a support beam is installed every 0.6 m in the depth direction to increase the stiffness of the flow bar. When the raceway is long, the raceway can be separated by a separator. The pick-up end needs to install brake to slow down the goods and reduce the impact.


1. The roller aluminum alloy and other flow bars are used to realize the first-in-first-out of the goods by using the self-weight of the goods.


2. It is easy to access, which is suitable for both sides of the assembly line, distribution center and other places.


3. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities of similar goods, high space utilization, especially suitable for auto parts factories.


4. It can be matched with electronic tags to achieve the information management of goods.