Other types of containers by purpose of use

Ventilated container: wall of ventilated container is equipped with 4 vents and 6 vents, and the inner wall is coated with plastic. It is suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits and other goods afraid of heat and boredom.


Insulated container : there is an thermal insulation layer in the (insulated container) box of the heat preservation container, and there is an inlet and outlet that can adjust the angle at the top of the box. The external air and wind direction can be used to adjust the temperature in the box, and the temperature in the box can not be affected by the external temperature for a certain period of time. It is suitable to ship goods sensitive to temperature and humidity.


Bulk container : it is usually equipped with 2 / 3 small hatches at the top for loading. There is a lift at the bottom, which can be raised to a 40°tilt angle for unloading. This kind of box is suitable for grain, cement and other bulk goods. If plant quarantine is to be carried out, it can also be steamed in the fumigated cabin in the box.


Freeflowing bulk material container : it is basically the same as bulk container, but nozzle and straw are used in loading and unloading.


Dress hanger container : it is suitable for containers carrying clothing goods. With the development of international trade and the continuous change of commodity structure, there will be different types of special or multi-purpose containers in the future.