Analysis of other key factors in logistics supply chain management

Supply chain integration and strategic partnership


Because of the dynamic nature of the supply chain itself and the conflict between different node enterprises, it is very difficult to integrate the supply chain. However, the practice shows that it is not only possible to integrate the supply chain, but also can have a significant impact on the sales performance and market share of node enterprises. So what is the key to integrating the supply chain?


Information sharing and job planning! Obviously, what information should be shared, how to share, how to affect the design and operation of supply chain, what level of integration among different node enterprises, what types of partnerships can be implemented, and so on, has become the most critical question.


Products design


As we all know, effective product design plays a key role in supply chain management. So when is it worth designing the product to reduce the logistics cost or shorten the cycle of the supply chain, whether the product design can make up for the uncertainty of customer demand, in order to make use of the new product design, what kind of modification should be made to the supply chain is very important.


Information technology and decision support system


Information technology is the key factor to promote effective supply chain management. The basic problem with supply chain management is what data should be delivered. How to analyze and utilize the data? What is the impact of Internet? What is the role of e-commerce? Can information technology and decision support system be used as the main tools for enterprises to obtain market competitive advantage?


Measurement of customer value


Customer value is an index to measure the contribution of an enterprise to its customers, which is measured according to all the goods, services and intangible effects provided by the enterprise. In recent years, this indicator has replaced indicators such as quality and customer satisfaction.