The requirements of cold chain transportation

Cold chain transportation requires the low temperature state of transportation links such as medium and long distance transportation and short distance distribution. It mainly involves railway refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated cars, refrigerated ships, refrigerated containers and other low-temperature means of transport. In the process of refrigerated transportation, temperature fluctuation is one of the main reasons for the decline of goods quality, so the means of transportation should have good performance, while maintaining the prescribed low temperature, it is particularly important to maintain a stable temperature.


Cold chain transport temperature recorder is an electronic instrument which can automatically record temperature data, and it is similar to the black box of aircraft, the whole process automatically track and record the temperature changes in refrigerated vehicles, containers and refrigerators. The temperature data during transportation are recorded and stored in the recorder. When transporting vegetables, fruits, dairy products, frozen food, medicine, sensitive electronic materials and so on, the driver or staff member takes out the cold chain transport temperature recorder and connects it to the notebook or desktop computer, exports the data through the special data recorder software, and analyzes the temperature data at each time in the process of road transportation and the maximum, minimum value, average value, curve trend, alarm information and so on in the whole process on the computer. The most important thing in cold chain logistics is whether the goods deteriorate in the process of transportation. It is unrealistic to observe them manually, so it is necessary to use high technology. It is better and more accurate to replace labor.