The requirement of loading and unloading goods

For products that have passed the factory after inspection, we should strengthen the transportation inspection to ensure cold chain transportation, to ensure the safety and hygiene of transportation equipment. The storage and transportation sales should be carried out in time according to the required storage conditions, and the turnover time and link of the product should be shortened as much as possible, so that the product can be sold to the end consumer in a relatively short time, so as to ensure the quality of the product.


1. Attention should be paid to the hygiene of loading and unloading goods, and the loading and unloading time should be shortened as much as possible. If possible, the cargo platform should be designed not to produce direct contact with the outside air, and should always keep clean for the transport vehicles, cargo platforms and so on.


2. The loading method and temperature management of the transport vehicle should be appropriate, and attention should be paid to the delivery of the products. Try to use cartons. If polyethylene containers are used, cleaning and detoxification should be carried out every day to prevent pollution to products and cars. Use refrigerated vehicles (the storage temperature of the product is below l0°C) to install a grid to prevent excessive loading of the product (to prevent incomplete cooling or crushing of the product), and to facilitate air-conditioning flow (to prevent the production of white hair). Speed up loading and unloading, and shorten the time to open the door, and delivery personnel should move the products into the freezer as soon as possible. The transport vehicle should always keep low temperature. Cleaning and disinfecting transport vehicles, containers, facilities, etc., to ensure the hygiene of transport vehicles, containers and facilities. Producers and sellers should communicate regularly.