The other opportunities of logistics industry

Logistics technology provider


There is no doubt that science and technology are changing logistics imperceptibly, and the future will still play a huge role in promoting the development of information, unmanned, digital and intelligent in the field of logistics, which will promote the connection between enterprises, the circulation of supply chain, and the integration of organizational changes and business models. There will be a lot of excellent enterprises in software system, robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, Internet of things, shared warehousing, intelligent distribution and so on.


Logistics big data service provider


The continuous improvement of supply chain management ability has put forward higher requirements for the connection and coordination of data and resources, and big data is also the basis for the continuous improvement of the ability and quality of the whole logistics industry. Big data will continue to play more role in information symmetry, logistics decision-making, intelligent early warning, customer management, process improvement and so on. At present, there is still a lot of room for the use and openness of many logistics enterprise data, whether it is the logistics data service provider or the logistics data solution supplier, their investment value will gradually appear.


Looking back at the development of logistics in the past few years, great changes have taken place in the past "scattered, small, chaotic and poor". The full market competition of efficiency, cost and quality and the resources of logistics industry have been effectively allocated and continuously promoted the growth and development of the industry.


From the future point of view, with the changes in consumer and production fields, policy benefits and changes in the basic capabilities and application scenarios of logistics by science and technology, traditional logistics enterprises will continue to change, and there will certainly be a number of national network giants. New species enterprises will continue to emerge, including hazardous chemicals, cold chain, logistics big data, intelligent logistics and other sub-track high-quality enterprises will also rise, and the logistics industry will continue its golden decade.