The other application of green parking Green flow Project


In June 2017, Logistics launched the "Green flow Plan", which jointly issued the joint action of the nine major brands to promote the green logistics of ecommerce from the aspects of reduced packaging, innovation and application of green logistics technology, energy saving and emission reduction, and so on. In November of the same year, integrated social resources to set up the " Logistics Green Fund". The first phase invested 1 billion yuan to accelerate the green upgrading of the logistics industry. In May 2018, the "Green flow Plan" was upgraded in an all-round way. On the basis of green logistics, it further rose to the level of sustainable development, which concerned with not only environmental protection, but also "human society (People)" and "economy (Profits) "two new dimensions, at the same time, the main body of the" Green flow Project "has also risen from logistics to Group level.


Meituan Qingshan Project


On August 31, 2017, Meituan announced that it would launch the "Castle Peak Project" to promote the solution of environmental protection problems in the takeout industry, and it was the first action plan for the takeout industry to pay attention to environmental protection. In August 2018, Meituan takeout put forward three major environmental objectives, that is, by 2020, it hopes to work together with more than 100 takeout packaging partners to find new packaging solutions to minimize the abandonment of plastic takeout lunch boxes. Unite with more than 100 circular economy partners, and carry out more than 100 pilot projects of garbage collection and recycling, to explore the way of sustainable development of the industry. Gather more than 100000 Qingshan public welfare businesses. through the Qingshan Fund and Meituan Public Welfare platform supports social public welfare organizations, to develop environmental protection public welfare.