The change of logistics industry

Industrial layout and structural adjustment


Industrial policy, environmental protection requirements and urban planning affect the layout of the industry, and the global industrial chain competition and commercial innovation are also making continuous adjustment of the industrial structure of our country. Each enterprise has higher requirements for the competitiveness of the supply chain and the coordination ability of logistics, and makes continuous changes.


The drive of consumption


The pursuit of beauty has never stopped. The change of consumption that brought about by youth and attitude is becoming more and more obvious. The small orders satisfied by e-commerce and the continuous forward of the new retail consumption mode of fast distribution make the business logic between "people, field and goods" be interpreted again and again. New retail is forcing new logistics.


Changes in production and supply chain


The changes of online purchasing habits and consumption behavior of users have deeply affected the back-end production and supply chain, and the data and information at both ends are connected and connected, so that the reduction of cost and the improvement of efficiency can be extreme. With the change of means of production, the whole chain of supply chain is adjusting, and logistics must adapt to such changes.