Matters needing attention in cold chain logistics transportation

Cold chain transportation can be road transportation, waterway transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, or a comprehensive mode of transportation. Cold chain transportation is an important link of cold chain logistics. Cold chain transportation cost is high, and it includes more complex mobile refrigeration technology and incubator manufacturing technology. Cold chain transportation management contains more risks and uncertainties.


The process of cold chain transportation must be carried out by special vehicles such as freezing or refrigerating. Refrigerated or refrigerated special vehicles must be equipped with refrigeration or refrigeration and heat preservation equipment in addition to the same body and machinery of a freight car. In the process of transportation, special attention must be paid to continuous refrigeration, because microbial activity and respiration are strengthened with the increase of temperature. If the conditions of continuous refrigeration can not be guaranteed in all links of transportation, then the goods may begin to rot and deteriorate in this link.


When transporting, the method of transportation should be determined according to the type of goods, the season of transportation, the distance of transportation and the place of transport. In the process of transportation, try your best to organize the direct transportation from door to door, and improve the transportation speed, and the temperature should be in accordance with the regulations. In order to maintain the refrigerating temperature of frozen goods, such as goods that need ventilation and heat dissipation, such as fruits, vegetables and so on, a certain gap must be retained between the goods to ensure that the goods are in good condition.