Intelligent green packaging - the trend of the country

E-commerce is already a way of life for Chinese consumers, but also stimulate the rapid growth of the logistics industry. However, the rapid development of e-commerce logistics has produced a lot of waste packaging to a certain extent. According to statistics, less than 1/10 of plastics and cardboard in China's express delivery industry have been recycled, and most of the packaging especially fillers, tape and other plastic components have been discarded, and then become garbage.


In recent years, the amount of express delivery in China has greatly increased, and it has reached 50.5 billion pieces to 2018. The rapid increase in the number of couriers has led to a large number of express packaging waste. A lot of express garbage will cause environmental pollution and affect the ecological environment. How to solve the impact of express garbage on the ecological environment has become an urgent matter. Therefore, green packaging has become an irresistible trend.


The green revolution is bound to be an important theme of the global packaging industry in the new century, and it is also a prominent feature of the development of the packaging industry in the new century. Green revolution can be divided into technological revolution, material revolution, packaging revolution and industry revolution.


Technological revolution is to develop intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means to improve the utilization rate of packaging materials. Material revolution is the accurate and reasonable selection of materials, coupled with perfect creativity. Packaging revolution is that green packaging materials should not only be hygienic and environmentally friendly, but also have the functions and properties of packaging. The industry revolution means that the theory of sustainable development is the theoretical basis of green packaging, and green packaging is one of the effective means to achieve sustainable development. Green packaging has the characteristics of pollution-free, reusable and resource-saving.