Intelligent express delivery - transportation and end distribution

In the aspect of transportation: big data platform, real-time monitoring platform of the Internet of things, data lighthouse and other intelligent devices, real-time monitoring the dynamics of cargo transportation, point selection model and route planning can be targeted to plan the appropriate transport routes, optimize the task assignment and driving path of vehicles in the process of transportation, reduce the distance of vehicles, and achieve economic and environmental protection.


Using data, scene, technology and algorithm to schedule people, cars and goods reasonably, and reducing the cost on the basis of path optimization, to realize the cost reduction and efficiency of the whole industry and realize the efficient matching of cars and goods through big data and other high technology. Reducing the empty driving loss, optimizing the transportation route, and reducing pollution and build green logistics. Among them, express enterprises use GIS capabilities and algorithms to explore the joint force path suitable for express delivery, to realize the intelligent scheduling of personnel, vehicles, parcels and so on through the machine, to solve the path between the distribution center and each network.


In the aspect of end distribution: unmanned distribution car, UAV, AI voice and other intelligent devices are everywhere. The learning ability of artificial intelligence robot application scene is more and more extensive. At the same time, the intelligent demand in the field of end distribution is becoming stronger and stronger. It can be clearly sensed that the whole intelligent equipment of end distribution has formed an ecological chain, rather than the application of simple post, intelligent courier cabinet, multi-function sweep box and so on.


In a word, from warehouse to transportation and then to the end of distribution, the link of the whole chain permeates AI, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, and the logistics industry is also leaping to intelligent logistics and intelligent supply chain. At present, the whole logistics field has been upgraded from homogeneous competition to intelligent science and technology level competition, from the conventional price war to core cost control, efficiency improvement, service quality user experience competition.