Intelligent express delivery - warehousing

Today, if enterprise does not have logistics technology application, they are embarrassed to claim that they are technology enterprises.


Electronic noodle sheet is popularized, the link of express recording is eliminated, and the sorting efficiency is greatly improved by cooperating with automatic sorting equipment. The realization of the full digital process of express delivery provides the possibility for the overall planning of the whole network, the realization of intelligent routing, the prediction of stock in advance and so on.


Automatic sorting system has become the standard distribution of express enterprises, and robots can be seen everywhere in the warehouse of major express enterprises. The application of three-dimensional shelf, stacker, manipulator, AGV and other logistics infrastructure helps enterprises save inventory area, help workers pick goods, realize the transformation from the traditional "human looking for goods" to today's digital "cargo to human" mode, reduce the intensity of manual operation, save labor costs, reduce the selection error rate, improve the picking efficiency and inventory rate, and avoid the backlog of goods.


For example, at Shunfeng Beijing Shunyi fully automatic warehousing and sorting center, the daily processing capacity can be as high as 1.5 million votes, and sorting efficiency can be increased by 30%. Yuantong cooperates with Cainiao in 2018, and put into Yuantong distribution center 350 robots. Shentong Yunkang introduced automation equipment and information system to meet the personalized needs of customers.


All major express delivery enterprises should invest heavily in intelligent logistics infrastructure. Shunfeng's first quarter 2019 financial report also mentioned that it will publicly issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 6.5 billion yuan for investment in aircraft purchase and maintenance, intelligent logistics information system construction, automatic upgrading of express transportation equipment, land transportation capacity enhancement, multi-functional warehousing center construction, and so on.