Automatic stereoscopic warehouse

Automated stereoscopic warehouse is a new concept in logistics warehousing. The high level rationalization, access automation and simple operation of warehouse can be realized by using stereoscopic warehouse equipment, and automated stereoscopic warehouse is a form with high technical level at present.


Compared with the traditional warehouse, the three-dimensional warehouse has incomparable advantages, all of which are based on the different ideas of hardware and warehouse construction. The main body of automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelf, lane stacking crane, in (out) warehouse worktable and automatic transportation (exit) and operation control system. The shelf is a building or structure of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure, and the shelf is a standard size space. The roadway stacking crane passes through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of storing and picking up the goods. WCS system is used to control the management.  


WCS is a warehousing control system in logistics, and its full name is Warehouse Control System. The development of warehousing system can not be separated from logistics equipment and logistics software. Generally speaking, the software of automatic warehousing logistics system consists of two parts: warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse equipment control system (WCS). Automatic warehousing system can be divided into three levels, the top layer is WMS that is responsible for warehousing business logic processing, and the lowest layer is specific logistics equipment, such as roadway stacker, AGV system and so on.


WCS is located in the middle layer between WMS and logistics equipment, which is responsible for coordinating and dispatching all kinds of logistics equipment at the bottom, so that the underlying logistics equipment can execute the business process of the warehousing system, and this process is carried out completely in accordance with the predetermined process of the program.


1. Shelf: a steel structure is used to store goods. There are two basic forms: welded shelf and combined shelf.


2. Pallets (containers): it is used to carry goods, also known as station utensils.


3. Roadway stacker: equipment for automatic access to goods. According to the structure form, it can be divided into two basic forms: single column and double column, and it can be divided into three basic forms according to the service mode: straight way, bend road and transfer car.


4. Conveyer system: the main peripheral equipment of a three-dimensional warehouse. It is responsible for transporting goods or removing goods from a stacker. There are many kinds of conveyor, such as roller conveyor, chain conveyor, elevator, distribution car, hoist, belt conveyor and so on.


5. AGV system: automatic guide car. According to its guiding mode, it can be divided into induction guide car and laser guide car.