Chinese intelligent logistics

Under the background of reducing the cost and increasing efficiency of the logistics industry in our country, the intelligent logistics will get the opportunity to accelerate the development. The improvement of logistics operation flow by intelligent logistics is mainly reflected in the application of intelligent matching socialized logistics resources and demand information, the application of unmanned vehicles and drones in distribution links, automatic intelligent warehousing, and the application of intelligent express delivery system in delivery terminals, and so on.


Intelligent logistics is a modern comprehensive logistics system supported by Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other information technology and intelligent hardware technology. It realizes system perception, comprehensive analysis, timely processing, intelligent execution, self-adjustment and other functions in logistics warehousing, transportation, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading, information service and other functions. It has automation, intelligence, information, visualization, networking, flexible and other characteristics. The demand of logistics enterprises for intelligent logistics mainly comes from three fields, including logistics data (formation layer), logistics cloud (transfer layer) and logistics equipment technology (executive layer).


The development and application of intelligent logistics improve the intelligence of logistics system, the level of automatic execution, the ability of analysis, decision-making and management, so that the information flow and material flow can run quickly, efficiently and smoothly, thus improving the efficiency of logistics link. Therefore, under the background of reducing cost and increasing efficiency of logistics in China, intelligent logistics will get the opportunity to accelerate its development.