Code of safe operation for loading and unloading

Pay attention to the protection of the safety of goods and personal safety during operation


1. When unloading the door to open the door, try to open the door slowly, in case the door opens too fast to cause the goods to suddenly fall and hurt people.


2. With forklift operation, someone should assist the command at the same time, loading and unloading in the side of the personnel should always pay attention to avoid;


3. When the stacker stacking is high, attention should be paid to the stability of the palletizing, and if it is necessary to add code to it, the goods must be completed with assistance in order to prevent the goods from falling off or causing the palletizing to topple and hurt people.


4. The stevedores should not be too close to the higher stack or store the goods with poor security during the rest of the shift.


5. When climbing, we should operate carefully to prevent falling from high altitude and smashing goods.


Bulk goods


1. Select the suitable tools and adopt the correct loading and unloading technology according to the performance, shape and working environment of the materials.


2. Do a good job of cooperation between machinery and machinery, between machinery and manpower, safe operation.


3. When carrying large goods by manpower, attention should be paid to whether there are cracks and the danger of collapse. When the crowbar is not easy to move, it should not be pulled by hand and the foot should be moved layer by layer, and the excavation should be strictly prohibited to prevent the collapse.


At the end of the homework, it is necessary to achieve the Qing Dynasty.


Packed goods


1. According to the packaging and nature of the goods, choose the matching tool tray and so on.


3. Loading should be stable and firm, square neat and clear points.


4. At the time of loading, there are not less than 2 workers.