Operating standards of logistics enterprises for loading and unloading

1. For the vehicle delivered by the customer, the loading and unloading personnel should pay attention to the car and tarpaulin condition of the vehicle, and remind the customer in time when the abnormal situation is found.


2. According to the characteristics of the cargo, the unloading operator should do a good job in the cargo handling, unloading process to do a good job of fragile, vulnerable, valuable, precision cargo protection: loading and unloading tools cushion protection, light handle and light, stable placement, neat, goods strictly forbid inversion, and so on.


3. The loading and unloading personnel should report to the unloading operator immediately for handling the abnormal quality of the goods (goods, packing deformation or breakage, leakage, etc.) found or newly occurring.


4. The loading and unloading personnel should classify the goods according to the customer at the time of unloading, and the batch requirements should be carried out in batches, and the goods should be placed in the designated position of the warehouse. If any abnormal situation of the goods is found, the manager shall report to the manager immediately.


4. In the process of unloading, the loading and unloading personnel should repackage the damaged goods with packing tape, adhesive paper and so on.


5. The loading and unloading personnel should assist the unloading operator in the inspection, posting or subsidy of the cargo number label while carrying out the cargo unloading truck.


5. Loading and unloading personnel should be careful when loading and unloading goods, light handling and light, and goods should be stacked neatly along the regional line. Make the goods look into rows, and according to the direction of the arrow marked on the packing box is placed, strictly forbid inversion, freight labels are outward, easy to view.