Other code of safe operation for loading and unloading

Barreled materials


1. Adopt suitable rigging (iron hook, bucket hook).


2. Before lifting, apply the hand to hold the hook.


3. Load and unload from top to bottom, not from the bottom of the extraction, bucket mouth according to the requirements to determine upward or horizontal installation.


4. Loading not less than 2 people.


Dangerous goods


1. Before shipment of dangerous goods, we should understand the characteristics of the dangerous goods, take necessary safety measures in terms of fire prevention, explosion protection, poison protection, corrosion prevention, radiation protection, etc., meet well before construction, and formulate correct operating methods.


2. Strictly prohibit fireworks, put an end to all kinds of fire, strictly prohibit iron impact, wear nailing shoes, and prevent friction and fire.


3. The operator and the vehicle should have the dangerous goods operation certificate and the permit transportation certificate, to make the person order the machine to fix the car, and will correctly act as the fire fighting equipment.


4. Wear the necessary protective equipment according to the regulations, the rigging facilities in the operation shall meet the requirements of the operation of dangerous goods, and when the machinery is used for loading and unloading, the load shall be reduced by 25% in accordance with the regulations.


5. Loaders are not less than 2 loaders, depending on the operation of rotation, safety personnel should be on the spot according to the actual supervision.


6. Take necessary ventilation measures, operate with care and light, pay close attention to the dynamics around the operation site, and prevent the occurrence of accidents such as poisoning, fire and explosion.


7. In the process of operation, it is generally not suitable to eat and drink, the used protective articles should be washed separately, and the operators can enter other places only after bathing.


8. After the operation, it should do a good job of cleaning work, can not residual acid, alkali, oil or dangerous substances.