Other operating requirements of logistics enterprises for loading and unloading

1. Loading and unloading personnel shall not stampede or sit on the goods, nor shall they place personal belongings, all kinds of tools used in the warehouse, etc., on the goods.


2. The loading and unloading personnel can not find the goods to be loaded, find that the quantity of goods to be loaded is abnormal (more or less), and report to the manager immediately to deal with, otherwise the consequences shall be borne by the person directly responsible for loading and unloading.


3. When the loading and unloading personnel find the goods (packaging) to be loaded with abnormal quality, such as deformation or breakage, leakage and so on, they should immediately report to the manager for handling the consequences, otherwise the consequences shall be borne by the person directly responsible for the loading and unloading.


3. When loading and unloading personnel should place the goods smoothly, the horizontal direction is compact (to prevent the goods from sloshing in the driving), the weight is not light, the arrow is in the direction, the fragile and vulnerable parts are on, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle goods should be low, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle should be slightly higher than that of the front car, and the laminate should be added between each layer according to the situation to form the overall compressive performance of the bottom cargo.


4. When loading a single or several large goods, we should do a good job of tightening measures. When loading small goods, we should fill the gap between the goods with paper and other buffers to ensure that the horizontal direction of the goods in the same layer is compact, and prevent the goods from shaking or toppling in the driving and damaging the goods.


5. In the twenty-eighth, when the goods are loaded, the valuable or vulnerable goods should rely on the middle, and the car should be loaded at the end of the car.


6. The loading and unloading personnel shall check the quality of the goods being loaded while loading, and take protective measures when loading the goods.