The design of modern logistics warehousing equipment

In view of the fact that the modern elements must be rich in modern demand elements, and the direction of the four major trends is satisfied. The design of logistics storage equipment according to the modern demand direction, we have determined a bold idea - flexible.


Flexibility (standardization) will be an important direction of future development, but also an important symbol of product maturity. In this regard, how should the production and management enterprises deal with it?


First of all, as a supplier of equipment and systems, in the market in a selected passive position. How to improve their core competitiveness and make their products take the initiative in passivity plays a decisive role in suppliers, and only when they have core competitiveness can they have the dominant power and the premise of development, so this is the first problem to be solved as a supplier of equipment and systems. From the point of view of the development at home and abroad, innovation is the fundamental way out for the development of enterprises, and how to improve the adaptability and standardization of their own products is an important direction of innovation. Secondly, equipment suppliers should have a strong sense of social responsibility and strive to promote logistics flexibility.


1. For the product itself, standardization is a major development direction. This requires enterprises to adjust their strategies to provide the market with products that meet the standards. For logistics warehousing equipment, the so-called flexibility is standardization. Leave standardization to talk about flexibility can be said to be willing to seek fish.


2. From the design point of view, the product is required to have a certain range of adaptability. Modular design is the key.


3. In terms of quality, the product is required to be interchangeable and universal. This puts forward high requirements for production equipment and production process.


4. From the point of view of competitiveness, products are required to have a good performance-price ratio. The cost of the production process is a very important subject. From the experience of developed countries, adopting automatic production line to improve the production efficiency of unit labor is the key problem to be solved. This is easy to do for bulk products, but for small-batch products, we should focus on reducing the disjointed problem in production, for conditional enterprises, learning from flexible manufacturing system will be a shortcut or a necessary condition for the steady development of enterprises.