There is still a lot of room for development of intelligent warehousing in China

The development of warehousing logistics can be divided into five stages, including manual warehousing, mechanized warehousing, automated warehousing, integrated automated warehousing and intelligent automated warehousing.


The manual storage including the transportation, storage, management and control of materials, is mainly realized by manual. The mechanical storage is replaced by mechanical equipment such as transport vehicle, stacking machine, elevator and the like as the main characteristics. The automatic storage has introduced the advanced equipment system of AGV (automatic guide trolley), automatic shelf, automatic access robot, automatic recognition and automatic sorting on the basis of the mechanized storage, and the integrated automatic storage is the main feature of the integrated system to realize the organic collaboration of the whole system. The intelligent storage system is the application of software technology, Internet technology, automatic sorting technology, light guide technology, radio frequency identification (RFID) and sound control technology. Advanced scientific and technological means and equipment carry out effective planning, implementation and control of logistics activities for the entry and exit of goods, storage, sorting, packaging, distribution and information.


Compared with traditional warehousing, intelligent warehousing has advantages in space utilization, storage, storage form, operation efficiency, labor cost, environmental requirements and so on.


Intelligent warehousing and big data, cloud computing and other new generation of Internet technology deep integration. Driven by the "Internet" strategy, the domestic intelligent warehousing is deeply integrated with big data, cloud computing and other new generation Internet technology, and the whole industry is rapidly moving towards the direction of efficient operation and fast circulation.


In addition, the national supply-side reform, driven by industrial 4.0 and made in China 2025, the concept of "Internet" warehousing 4.0 gives birth to the concept of "Internet" warehousing 4.0, which points out the direction for the development of intelligent warehousing as well as the high integration of network and intelligent warehousing hardware.


At present, the development of storage industry in our country is backward and the operation efficiency is low, which restricts the rapid development of logistics. In the future, intelligent warehousing will help to improve the efficiency of sorting and unloading, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of logistics industry.