Intelligent Logistics solves the problem of traditional warehousing

Warehousing management occupies a core position in logistics management. There are many disadvantages in the traditional warehousing management. Through intelligent logistics, increasing the upgrading of equipment technology, improving the level of automation, and realizing the strategy of replacing people by machine, the existing problem of warehousing logistics management can be effectively solved.


With the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce, the demand of consumers is gradually changing, which puts forward higher requirements for the intelligence and flexibility of warehousing system. Unmanned warehouse is the innovation of modern information technology in the field of logistics, which realizes the intelligent and unmanned process of goods from warehousing to packaging, sorting and so on. The storage robot is mainly composed of the robot which undertakes the functions of handling, palletizing, sorting and so on, which can be divided into sorting robot, handling robot and distribution robot. These robots can not only make the whole logistics link more convenient, reduce the occurrence of error information, but also reduce the physical burden of labor force and improve work efficiency.


Liu Xu, head of research and development in an unattended warehouse in a business department of, said in an interview with reporters that the links of traditional e-commerce logistics warehousing are from warehousing, shelves, picking, packaging, and final distribution to users. In the past, there were great drawbacks in the manual storage and loading of the goods and the acceptance of the goods. The manual coding of the goods was disorganized and the height of the code layer was limited, through the application of unmanned warehouse and the access of automation equipment, the goods sorted neatly and orderly by using manipulators and other equipment, and a lot of manpower and time were saved, and the related orders of commodities were calculated by using manipulators and algorithms, to change the storage position of the goods Through the algorithm code to put the goods, the density of warehouse space is greatly increased, and the time to get out of the warehouse is also greatly accelerated.