Intelligent Logistics becomes the leading of Logistics Industry

At present, e-commerce logistics head companies, such ad Shunfeng,, rookie and so on, continue to increase investment in the field of new logistics technology, which also verify the important strategic significance of technology to the future. The current demand of logistics enterprises for intelligent logistics mainly includes logistics data, logistics cloud and logistics equipment. The size of intelligent logistics market exceeds 200 billion yuan in 2016. It is expected that by 2025, the size of intelligent logistics market will exceed $1 trillion. Intelligent logistics has gradually become the main help for the rapid development of logistics industry. Intelligent logistics integrates a variety of service functions, which reflects the needs of the characteristics of modern economic operation. It emphasizes that artificial intelligence integrates information flow and material flow into social resources quickly, efficiently and smoothly, so as to reduce social cost and improve production efficiency.


Around the retail reform of intelligent logistics technology application prospects,, Shunfeng drone and unmanned vehicle have obtained part of the trial operation qualifications and airspace, road sections. Under the wave of retail business reform, the distribution system at the end of logistics warehousing, intelligent sorting system, intelligent transportation system, unmanned warehouse and so on will stimulate great demand, such as Ma Xiansheng, 7Fresh and other pre-store and rear warehouse supply chain processes, which have been introduced into operation.


As an important part of the development of new retail or unbounded retail, from the traditional flow of goods to today's intelligent system operation, intelligent logistics has become a necessary place for all enterprises. The data show that the financing events of intelligent logistics enterprises are growing, with a total of 170 million financing events from 2010 to 2018. according to the specific financing calculations that have been made public, the total amount is as high as 71.16 billion yuan. According to the average calculation, each financing scale is based on 100 million yuan, and the financing amount reaches 170 million yuan. It can be seen that intelligent logistics has become the industry of capital pursuit, intelligent logistics has become the next tuyere of logistics industry.