Intelligence is the only way to transform and upgrade the Logistics Industry

Intelligent logistics is a commercial retail-driven logistics that runs through all the links of the whole supply chain. How to do a good job in the protection of consumer upgrading services is very important to the future development of the industry. Speeding up the upgrading of intelligent technology, reducing operating costs and providing accurate service to consumers is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of logistics industry.


Consumption upgrading, quality upgrading and technological upgrading will continue to deepen, retail technology embedded into the business form will be further accelerated, the core technology Internet of things, and cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain and other technologies will be widely used in business. Under the wave known as new retail or unbounded retail, the retail wave led by Internet giants and e-commerce giants is taking place. However, intelligent logistics is a commercial retail-driven logistics that runs through all the links of the whole supply chain operation. How to do a good job of consumer upgrading service to the ground and intelligent logistics is very important.


The head of unmanned warehouse research and development in a business department in said that the efficiency of logistics can be improved 5 to 10 times through applications such as unmanned warehouse. logistics has a history of 12 years since it began to build its own logistics in 2007, and logistics has experienced four stages of development in the past 12 years. At present, most of 's warehouses have reached the automated logistics, and a large number of automation equipment are used in warehouses. However, the standard of intelligent logistics is really realized. Different from the automation equipment, the biggest characteristic of the intelligent logistics is intelligence, which contains the deep learning of the algorithm and so on, which makes the robot have the ability to think, and can be judged by image recognition and algorithm, and the placement forms of different commodities can be predicted and thought through the algorithm.