How to dock the warehousing machine with the system

The warehousing machine system consists of intelligent warehousing management system, robot scheduling system and warehousing robot. These three systems are intertwined and interdependent.


Robot scheduling system: it is responsible for directing and distributing robot tasks, which is equivalent to command and scheduling. It uses computer scheduling algorithm, can design the best path of handling, the best method, with the fastest speed to complete the task, and can monitor the working state of the robot.


Storage robot: it is responsible for the handling of goods, which is equivalent to a porter. The robot scheduling system allocates work, and when the warehousing robot is instructed, it begins to work. According to the magnetic strip, QR code information, or laser positioning and navigation on the ground of the warehouse, the goods are transported to the designated position after the loaders have loaded the goods under the corresponding commodity shelves.


Intelligent storage management system: it is responsible for the operation of the whole storage system, and connect with the monitoring system. It adopts a variety of inventory optimization algorithms, the goods can be stored randomly, which not only can improve the utilization rate of warehouse space, but also can find goods at any time, compared with manual, saving a lot of search time. Using warehousing management system, through data analysis, it can also analyze the relationship between various materials, the probability of entering and leaving the warehouse, to improve the efficiency of going out of the warehouse, to provide the optimal service for modern industrial manufacturing.


Warehousing machine system docking with raw materials in storage: although the storage machine is intelligent, it is not completely unnecessary. When the goods arrive, they need to scan the information of the goods, and to know the weight and volume of the goods, so that the machine system can automatically match the most appropriate load-bearing robot. After input and automatic analysis by the warehousing management system, determine where the object is stored in the best position, and notify the robot scheduling system to carry out the handling task.


Warehousing Machine System and Material System Docking: in the process of production and manufacturing, especially in the production line production mode, the material supply is the most critical, and the lack of one kind of material may lead to the shutdown of the whole line. When the material system feedback shortage, the storage machine system will automatically transport materials to the production line, to meet the requirements of goods and so on.


Docking of warehousing machine system and delivery system: when the goods need to be delivered and the goods need to be delivered, the administrator passes the order, and the storage machine system receives the instruction, then the storage robot automatically drives the goods to the goods and pulls the goods down; and if the goods are delivered, the robot pulls the five goods shelves out, and the goods are sorted by the warehouse keeper and the delivery is finished.