Mobile shelf system

The mobile shelf structure is close to the ordinary beam shelf, the difference is that there is a chassis at the bottom of the shelf, the chassis is equipped with a number of rollers and driving motors, and the track for chassis movement is embedded on the ground. By pressing the control button, the whole chassis and its upper shelf goods can be moved along two or more tracks on the ground by the driving motor through the chain drive, so that the forklift truck can enter the moving open site to access the cargo operation. A group of shelf structure only needs to set aside one working channel, when it needs to access the goods in a certain channel, the shelf position is moved through the chassis, and the position of the working channel is changed.

The characteristics of mobile shelf are as follows: only one channel needs to be set up, the space utilization ratio is high, safe and reliable, and the movement is convenient; through the adjustment of the operation channel, any goods can be taken out under any circumstances, and the flexibility is high, which is suitable for the storage of goods with many kinds of stock and medium flow rate.