Shuttle system

Shuttle shelf system is a dense storage system composed of shelf, shuttle and forklift (stacker). Only one or two forklift lanes need to be set up in the space, and the rest of the space can be used to build shuttle shelves. The vertical movement of goods outside the channel is realized by forklift (stacker). The shuttle can move along the track in the channel to realize the horizontal movement of the goods in the channel. Its characteristics include:

The main results are as follows: (1) except for the incoming and outgoing channels, all the other spaces can be used for the storage of goods, there is no need to set up other channels in the shelf system, and the utilization rate of space is high;

(II) goods in this form of storage can achieve first-in, first-out and last-in, first-out;

(3) the flexibility is medium and high, and the same channel needs to store the same kind or batch of goods, which is suitable for the storage of the same kind of goods in small types and large quantities;

(4) the depth of the channel is unrestricted and can be applied in a large area.