Shelf type analysis

Automated high-level warehouse shelf is still the mainstream of the market, is one of the representatives of automation and intelligence, showing its strong competitiveness, strong adaptability, high land use rate, excellent access efficiency, is one of the best choices of storage warehouse, is the first choice for major industrial enterprises to build a new warehouse. E-commerce shelves continue the strong momentum in 2016, led by and Ali, e-commerce companies have a very strong demand for storage shelves, its need for beams, shelves and attic shelves appeared in large numbers, in a certain period of time almost consumed the capacity of all companies in the market, occupying a very large market share; shuttle plate The development of shelves in 2017, compared with the explosion growth of other shelf types, maintains a steady growth, and develops in a more intelligent and automated direction. There are more and more high-level four-way shuttle projects, multi-storey shuttle projects and so on.

In addition, the traditional beam shelf is the first choice for enterprises not to adopt automation, which has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance and so on, but the entry threshold is low and the price competition is very fierce. As for other types of shelves, such as pressure, entry, gravity and so on, it is already relatively rare.