Characteristics of Industrial Ethernet

1) Widely used


Ethernet is the most widely used computer network technology, the application environment and technical support is strong, can achieve a fully open, all-digital network, and can be connected with other manufacturers according to different protocols.


2) High communication rate


At present, 10 M, 100 M communication rate industrial Ethernet has been widely used in industrial environment, and 1000 M bandwidth industrial Ethernet has also begun to popularize.


3) Better compatibility and easy integration of management and control


It is easy to realize the seamless integration of industrial control network and control information network, establish a unified enterprise communication network, and realize more accurate and faster equipment control.


4) The distance of information transmission is long, the reliability is high, and the power supply of network line is high.


Compared with the field bus, the industrial Ethernet traces can be farther away, and the optical fiber transmission technology is adopted to be suitable for a wider field environment, and the accuracy of the transmission information is higher, and the information response time is shorter. The POE technology can realize the power supply of the network cable and save the wiring quantity of the field bus.


5) Low cost


Because of the wider range of applications, industrial Ethernet is supported by more manufacturers, can have more product model choices, and the price is lower. Industrial Ethernet has developed rapidly in recent years. A 2018 survey of new factory automation installation nodes conducted by HMS shows that Industrial Ethernet has surpassed the traditional field bus, accounting for 52 percent of the market share, up 6 percentage points from 46 percent in 2017.