Industrial Ethernet

With the rapid development of Internet (Internet), the rapid, efficient, stable and multi-node connection communication advantages of Internet, as well as the shortcomings of industrial field bus in the existing industrial environment, such as complex standards, slow communication rate and so on, coupled with the increasing information query, control requirements and industrial intelligence of customers for automated three-dimensional warehouse, Industrial Ethernet technology has gradually become the preferred choice of communication technology in industrial control.


Industrial Ethernet is a powerful regional and unit network based on IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet). It provides a seamless way for industrial equipment systems to integrate into the multimedia world. The essence of industrial Ethernet is that Ethernet technology office automation moves towards industrial automation. It has the advantages of Ethernet and can be compatible with commercial Ethernet in technology. At the same time, the environmental adaptability, real-time, reliability and security of Ethernet in industrial field are more considered in industrial Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet can meet the requirements of all levels of control system, so that the enterprise information network and The control network can realize unification, expand the applicable scope and direct control ability of enterprise information network, industrial Ethernet is easier to realize network integration, its speed, development technology is wide, hardware compatibility range is wide, price is lower, and it has stronger support ability for more manufacturers' products.


In order to improve the stability and reliability of communication, the common protocol of industrial Ethernet is based on Ethernet TCP/IP protocol. At present, the influential real-time industrial Ethernet has Siemens PROFINET, Befu EtherCAT, Begale Powerlink,AB EtherNet/IP, Schneider Modbus-TCP and so on.