FedEx Ground set to introduce seven days a week year-round service

From Supply Chain Digital, by SEAN GALEA-PACE

The US-based package shipping company, FedEx Ground, is set to deliver seven days per week all year-round from the beginning of January 2020, according to Supply Chain Dive.

Having been launched as an extension to its current offering, the company has confirmed that the expansion will allow FedEx to meet the increasing demand for parcel shipments.

In a statement, FedEx president and COO Raj Subramaniam, commented: “The average daily volume for small parcels in the U.S. is expected to double by 2026.”

FedEx has slowly managed to expand its delivery days and times as it moves closer to the future of supply chains – a 24/7 logistics model.

With 3PL making six-day weeks the norm for deliveries, the company introduced an Extra Hours service, which ships retailers’ afternoon orders on the same day.

The firm has continued to increase its operational capabilities in order to handle large package deliveries, which are usually followed by more fees and white glove services. “These large packages now comprise more than 10% of FedEx Ground’s volume, and the growth is expected to continue” Subramaniam added.