Nagel Langdons orders 205 Scanias

From Logistics Manager Magazine,
Published Friday 12 April 2019 10:51 am

Nagel Langdons, the temperature controlled distribution specialist, has ordered a total of 205 rigid and articulated trucks from Scania which will be used on a variety of temperature controlled distribution and trunking operations.

A total of 56 artics will be delivered in 2019. The G 450 6×2/2s will operate on distribution work during the day and inter-depot trunking at night, while the R 450 6×2/2 Highlines will be trampers, with drivers working a four-on, four-off shift pattern.

There will also be 11  P 280 6×2 rigids which will be used for urban distribution.

The other 138 trucks will be delivered next year.

Nagel Langdons is based at Bridgwater in Somerset and operates eight depots around the country.

Engineering manager Tyrone Lanaway said: “In addition to meeting our operational repair, maintenance and servicing requirements, Scania don’t shy away from older vehicles, which is something we particularly appreciate. Also, our depots report their Scanias consistently run for the full six weeks between inspections without issue – which is exactly what an intensive operations such as ours demands.”