Hyster launches robotic forklift

From Logistics Manager Magazine,

Published Thursday 28 February 2019 2:38 pm

Hyster Europe has unveiled a series of trucks using robotics technology that has been developed in collaboration with robotics specialist Balyo.

“Our robotic trucks use geo-navigation technology developed by Balyo, which does not require complex infrastructure changes to automate logistical processes,” said Hyster’s Timo Antony.

“These robotics solutions are based on our lift trucks from series production, and the trucks can still be operated manually,” said Antony.

“This great dual advantage means robot technology can be switched off at any time, and the driver can control the machines in manual mode if necessary. The lift trucks can therefore also be used spontaneously for other tasks. This makes Hyster robotic truck solutions significantly different from automated guided vehicle systems. This is because AGVs originally used for the transport of small parts automatically follow their specified routes and cannot be operated manually.”