Forum Sharing of Yu Wei

Let's listen to what they say at the forum part of the Asia logistics Exhibition.

Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Yu Weiki in Huawei's research on the industrial Internet, sharing the high-performance wireless communication solution that allows AGV to run efficiently-Huawei Elte-u Industrial Wireless Network solution, which allows AGV to run continuously 365x7x24 hours. According to Yu Wei, Huawei pioneered the application of 4.5G technology to the unauthorized spectrum to create a high-capacity, low-latency, wide coverage, anti-jamming and other characteristics of the elte-u solution, with the density of AGV unlimited, high-speed mobile non-disruptive, wide area coverage without blind spots, interference with the environment is not offline and other significant advantages. At the same time, Elte-u solutions can also be competent for such as wireless video surveillance, wireless production data backhaul and other types of wide coverage, mobility, low latency, high capacity needs of the application scene. At present, Elte-u has been successfully applied to the global throughput of the first Ocean Mountain port fully automated wharf, efficient support for terminal operation.

Huawei adheres to the principle of "black land" in ecological development, focuses on its own pipeline technology service industry and provides technical and business cooperation opportunities for partners around the world, and looks forward to more cooperation with industry partners on the new generation of industrial wireless network elte-u.

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