Forum Sharing of Ma Qian

Let's listen to what they say at the forum part of the Asia logistics Exhibition.

Baluf from Neuhausen, Germany, has been a leader in the global sensor and automation industry since he developed the proximity switch in 1968. At present, we mainly focus on intelligent sensors, industrial RFID, industrial networks and links, industrial vision, industrial safety and overall system software. Baruf Automation ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. Ma Qian presented Baruf's intelligent logistics solution at the scene. Baruf RFID has implemented traceability management in four major fields, namely asset management, electronic billboard, production control and inter-plant logistics, to promote the accuracy of internal logistics throughout the factory.

Ma Qian believes that IO - Link's advantages have been proven and it is very useful in a highly automated intelligent factory scenario. Baluf IO - Link has achieved the technological innovation of intelligent logistics in several aspects of equipment manufacturing technology, namely, the innovation of control cabinet, the awakening of IO consciousness, the innovation of analog quantity, the alliance of valve island connection, rapid replacement and robot alliance, comprehensively innovating the traditional logistics industry chain and creating value for enterprises to save costs. In the logistics industry, Baruf is specialized because of his focus.

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