Partial logistics handling robot display

The Asia Logistics Trade Show is in progress.      

As a key part of logistics automation, logistics handling robots are naturally necessary, as shown in the following sections:

Future robot

Future robot.jpg

In the future, robot vision navigation forward-moving unmanned forklift will adopt the industry's first natural environment vision positioning and navigation technology, with a maximum lifting height of 9.4m, which can efficiently complete the high-level loading and unloading task of the process.

tomentose glorybower branchlet and leaf

tomentose glorybower branchlet and leaf.jpg

Haitong SLAM independently navigates IAGV, making use of the advantages of SLAM navigation and positioning to independently build environment maps, which is more flexible and has good expansibility.

Yi feng

Yi feng.jpg

The elf uses the vision sensor as the AGV's eye, and can realize efficient positioning and navigation through the natural features of the ground.