Logistics handling robot

The Asia Logistics Exhibition is in progress.          

As a key part of logistics automation, logistics handling robots are naturally necessary, as shown in the following sections:

Bosun robot

Bosun robot.jpg

Bozhong's IGV car does not need to be laid with auxiliary marks such as magnetic stripe and magnetic nail, so it is more flexible and intelligent.

Lingbird intelligence

Lingbird intelligence.jpg

Lingbird brought its closely watched canary series L100 this time, the most compact pallet stacking AGV, weighing only 120 kg, carrying 1000 kg and turning 360 gyro in situ.

Guozi robot

Guozi robot.jpg

Picking AGV can collect at least 5 target SKU boxes at a time and can fork SKU boxes on a 3 - meter - high shelf. It also has a freely rotating loading platform and does not need to turn during fork unloading.