Dematk: Meet customers' needs for quick response and cost – effectiveness

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

As a grand event with great scale and influence in intelligent logistics, Cemet presents new products, new technologies and new solutions to the audience every year. It has also become a great opportunity for experts in various fields in the industry to interact with customers. Ms. Zhao Chenwei, sales director of Dematk, said they had made very good preparations for this before the exhibition. At the exhibition site, Dematk also vividly presented the company's subsystem solutions and software solutions through an interesting concept display, enabling customers to more intuitively understand their products, equipment and systems, and thus to understand the latest development trend in the field of logistics software.

The star products at this exhibition are new products aimed at China's market demand: Dematk Stacker Selection Series. This product is very cost-effective due to its standardization and modularization, and can greatly shorten the project delivery period. In addition, at the exhibition site, the audience can also see Auto Store, light selection, ground chain transportation system and software display.

Dematk has been working in China for decades and has a wide product range, ranging from storage, transportation, selection, sorting to software support, providing customers with one-stop warehousing and logistics solutions. Zhao said: " In order to meet the rapid response and cost-effective needs of Chinese customers, we started the localization process very early. As a result, Dematk's products now have a wide audience in China, covering eight industries such as industry, food and beverage, clothing, medicine, e - commerce, express delivery, etc. According to the characteristics of different industries, we provide specialized solutions for our customers. "

As for the current trend of intelligent manufacturing, Ms. Zhao believes that with the development of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing 2025 in China, customer demand has also changed greatly. Customers no longer need a single product or hardware, but they need an overall solution. " At the same time, customers are paying more and more attention to the digitalization of the Internet of Things, and their demand is also changing from simple hardware to an overall solution with software as the core. Therefore, one of our development cores in China is to strengthen software development capabilities and conform to the global trend of intelligence. "

In addition, due to the rapid and complex changes in the Chinese market, Dematk will continue to maintain an open attitude and hope to establish a partnership with innovative Chinese companies to incorporate new technologies and new products into Dematk's product portfolio. Zhao pointed out: " We believe that only by maintaining an open attitude can we maintain vitality and make continuous progress. At the same time, after Dematk joined Keao Group, it ushered in a new period of development. Keao Group's powerful platform has brought huge support to Dematk in opening up the Chinese market. As one of the group's subsidiaries, Dematk has always maintained close cooperation with other companies under Kaiao Group.

At present, Dematk is considering the introduction of three standardized subsystems in the second half of 2018. The first is the mobile delivery subsystem. Considering China's huge e-commerce market, they will also launch a hanging belt sorting system. It is also planned to introduce a high-speed sorting system to the market by the end of this year. " During the implementation of the plan, we will understand the different needs of customers in various industries, customize each project according to the actual working conditions under the guidance of customers, so that customers can intuitively feel what Dematk's high-quality products and services can bring to them and what problems can be solved. " said MS. Zhao.