Farnaco Robot: Intelligent Transmission of the Future

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

Shanghai fanaco robot co., ltd is jointly invested by fanaco and Shanghai electric group. Relying on its technical advantages and strong engineering integration and technical service capabilities, the company provides high-quality products, mature and reliable process plans and finished products for the vast number of industrial users.

Good technical services. At this CeMAT exhibition, the company's booth displayed four advanced solutions integrating intelligent logistics, attracting many spectators.

Dai Qi, Minister of General Marketing Industry of Fanuc Robots, introduced to reporters the product, FUN UC Robotr - 1000 IA, which is featured by small floor area, high running speed, compact structure and superior performance, and can handle various operations such as handling, spot welding, stacking and stacking with dense layout.

Minister Dai continued: " The biggest advantage of the Farnaco robot lies in its intelligent vision. Its 3D wide-area sensor vision can complete the unpacking of cartons and turnover boxes of different types and sizes, and can identify the position, shape, color, size and spatial position of items independently. At present, the human cost is getting higher and higher and the human resources are in short supply. We hope to help customers improve the standard management level of logistics distribution, relieve the pressure brought by insufficient storage capacity and help them improve their work efficiency. " Fa Nake put forward the concept of intelligent robot more than ten years ago, giving robots more performance by adding vision to them. " Thanks to the rise of industry 4.0 and the government's strong support for intelligent manufacturing, our sales have grown steadily in recent years. " Dai said.