Baruf: Becoming the Leader of Industrial 4.0 Solutions

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

At this year's CeMAT exhibition, baruf automation ( Shanghai ) co., ltd displayed a series of latest products and solutions. According to the company's marketing media manager, Ms. Chen Haiyan, the company's BIS U system uses ultra-high frequency or UHF 865 to 928 MHz diffuse wave and backscatter technology as well as passive tags to provide long-distance RFID solutions up to 6m. For example, BIS U UHF processors support TCP / IP, ProFi and Ethernet / IP interfaces, which can be easily installed through standard accessories, metal connectors ensure a stable connection, and a solid housing allows it to be used in any desired location. A processor can support up to 4 UHF antennas.

Baruf has also launched a variety of safety products to protect the safety of customers. At this exhibition, the audience also saw Baruf's safety I / O module, safety grating, safety switch and emergency stop button. " For the first time, our new security I / O module combines automation and security engineering with IO - Link. IO - Link not only provides detailed information about sensors / actuators, but also provides security information, which can make security overlay on IO - Link and make integration of security engineering easier. Since the system is always open to the sensor layer, you can connect almost all safety devices, such as Baruf's safety grating, safety switch and emergency stop button. "

Chen said. Regarding the market prospect, Ms. Chen pointed out that there is no doubt that what users want most is to reduce costs while improving efficiency and productivity. Baruf's advanced sensor and recognition system can meet this demand. Through RFID identification technology, the whole product line can be traced back to prevent deviation and reduce errors and rejection rate in the production process. Monitor the usage of the tool to prevent defective products or waste products due to excessive use of the tool, and also avoid the waste site caused by changing the tool in advance when the tool does not reach the limit. Ms. Chen also introduced some typical application cases in detail, most of which are related to RFID: WIP: used to control the automation process, track the whole production line process, and mostly used for body painting during power assembly machinery / assembly.

Asset tracking: RFID technology can trace the change of asset position, asset status, consistency and availability. At this time, tool management and mold ID management can be used. In addition, even the AGV automatic guided transport vehicle is also suitable for RFID system.

Electronic billboard: automatically replenish inventory, reduce inventory in the process of production, and ensure sufficient inventory at the same time.

Predictive Maintenance: Avoid downtime of equipment, and use intelligent sensors and networks to alert sites with potential problems so that they can be replaced before downtime. " Using Baluf's network technology and connectivity solutions can collect and transmit data and provide information from the analysis layer to the M E S system or cloud at a higher level. Because of this, we have become the leader in industrial 4.0 solutions. " said ms Chen.

In order to let the audience know the specific application of Baruf in the packaging and transportation industry, they specially introduced display cabinets for practical applications to simulate the work flow of the actual packaging production line, so that the audience can know how to automatically sort products in an unattended environment, how to ensure the correct products are transferred to the correct stations, and what kinds of sensors can realize these functions. In addition to maintaining a strong trend in the original IO - Link and RFID products, Baruf also further developed industrial image processing products and provided corresponding solutions. Ms. Chen said: " Baruf BVS vision solutions have opened up various powerful applications for visual quality control, identification and positioning. No matter what kind of application, our industrial image processing products have almost unlimited possibilities: whether monitoring the position, size, orientation and distance of objects, integrity check, data tracking, or quality check at each production stage. "

As for the future development plan, Ms. Chen said she would expand the Asia - Pacific market. " The Asia - Pacific region will become a fast-growing market in the future and will also have more market share. Baruf's sales should clearly reflect the importance of the Asia - Pacific region in the global economy. Baruf has recently reorganized its organizational structure around the world in the form of vertical sales. We have also carried out the same reorganization work throughout the Asia - Pacific region. "

From a global perspective, Baruf is now focusing on three core industries - mobility, food and beverage and packaging, and engineering and mechanical equipment. Baruf is also adjusting to meet this strategic demand, dividing different regional markets and allocating sales and service resources, hoping to increase its market share.


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