Zhongding Integration: Do not forget your initiative mind, Founding First - class Logistics System Integration Enterprise

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

With the rapid increase in labor and land costs, enterprise logistics costs have accounted for more than 25 % of production costs. It is an important direction to improve the profits of enterprises to centralize the decentralized logistics system, control and manage it in a unified way and reduce the proportion of logistics costs.

Zhongding integration is such an excellent enterprise that provides professional logistics integration system solutions to help enterprises reduce logistics costs and improve distribution efficiency. At the 2018 Cemet Asia Exhibition, Zhongding Integrated with Wit R high-speed rotating push-pull type intensive stacker and special light-weight palletized shelves appeared, attracting many visitors to visit and consult. The company's marketing director, Ms. Yan Xueqin, told us that Zhongding Integration has a history of more than 30 years since it introduced technology from Germany in 1985, and its service scope covers many industries such as food, cold chain, medicine, new energy, lithium battery, automobile, machinery, paper making, energy, chemical industry and so on.

" Zhongding has completed more than 600 engineering cases in more than 30 years. As a leading logistics system integrator in China, Zhongding's ability to integrate customized solutions and the R & D and manufacturing capacity of core equipment are our strong advantages. In addition, we also have our own intelligent management software, which can change and respond quickly to the needs in the implementation of the project, so that customers can truly feel our brand core value with thoughtful service. " said ms Yan xueqin. Looking at the new product exhibition at this exhibition, we can summarize it in three words: faster, more accurate and more accurate. It is understood that at present, Zhongding Integration has added vision system and robot to its logistics system, and the customer demand for this piece is relatively large at present.

In 2017, China Dingyi completed sales of 1.07 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 1.5 - 1.6 billion yuan this year.

" The market highly recognizes Zhongding Integration. For more than 30 years, we have been helping customers to reduce costs step by step, and in recent years, sales have increased by more than 30 % every year. In addition, Zhongding integration also attaches great importance to technical strength

It is definitely a big move to increase or even invest 20 % of gross profit in research and development every year. "

At present, China tripod integration has begun to enter the international market, and has emerged in Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions with super-high performance-price ratio. In the future, Zhongding Integration will continue to work hard to help customers improve their competitiveness. Ms. Yan said they would also speed up the layout of the home industry. " The home market has a wide range, including building materials, household goods, furniture and so on. We are very optimistic about the development potential of this market. At present, the industry is using a large number of labor. Considering the efficiency and labor cost, the demand for automated logistics systems in the industry will definitely increase in the future. "