Inteno: Swiss craftsman spirit, focusing on the innovation of internal logistics solutions for 60 years

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Exhibition

Inteno Group, the world's leading supplier of material transportation solutions, has made a big debut at 2018 Cemet Asia, bringing products such as screw vertical conveyors, modular conveyor platforms, DM 0113 and DM 0138 electric drum platforms and tray drive / control cards, and continues to solve practical problems encountered in the logistics process for enterprises with leading products and solutions.

Dr. Xia Benchun, executive vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Asia, gave us an interview. He said: " INTRODUCTION is a Swiss - based company focusing on internal logistics systems, with 32 companies worldwide, serving 28,000 customers in many industries such as global express delivery, parcel and postal services, airports and food processing industries, and distribution centers. " In fiscal year 2017, INTRODUCTION gained a turnover of 4507 million Swiss francs.

Dr. Xia Benchun pointed out several key factors: " First, Inteno Group has established a good reputation in its 60 - year history of development, which is mainly based on the company's pursuit of product quality. Only by ensuring product quality can it guarantee the company's long-term stable operation; Second, INTO pursues innovation, continuously introduces new products, technologies and applications, and promotes technological progress in the industry. Third, Intel strictly abides by its commitments to customers, employees and suppliers. For example, if it promises to customers the delivery period, quality and service, it will certainly be achieved. Similarly, the commitments made to employees and suppliers will certainly be implemented. Over the past five years, Intel has continuously launched new products into the market.

According to Dr. Xia, Intel's annual investment in R & D innovation alone accounts for 2 % - 3 % of its annual operating income. In addition, an important feature of INTRODUCTION is that it pays equal attention to every market in the world and treats every customer equally. " We have three major markets in the world: EMEA ( Europe, Middle East, Africa ), Asia and the United States. Because it is headquartered in Europe, when new products are generally released, they will be first released in Europe, and then released in Asia and the United States within six months, which fully reflects the importance Intel attaches to markets outside Europe. "

As a leader in the roller industry, Intel launched DM 0113 and DM 0138 electric drum for the first time in the Asian market at the exhibition. Both products are based on a platform-based design concept, combining as many product specifications as possible with as few components as possible. In addition, the two products are standardized interfaces, and different parts inside the products can be replaced with each other, so the products look very simple and beautiful, not only improving the performance, but also greatly enhancing the aesthetic value of the products themselves. In addition, for the manufacturer, the production will become simpler, more efficient and the noise level will be reduced due to fewer components.

As a new module of Interlino Modular Conveyor Platform ( MCP ), Interlino's new spiral vertical conveyor can provide goods transportation in the vertical direction. The transportation process is efficient and reliable, and has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used with MCP, but also can operate independently, and can transport boxes and containers of various shapes and sizes. This product has a very big advantage, that is, the floor space is very small, which can greatly improve the space utilization rate, especially in renovation projects. In addition, it runs very quietly, saves energy and conforms to the green and efficient development direction of logistics.

The latest Pallet Control 6000 control unit is a key component of Intel's Zero Pressure Accumulated Tray Conveyor. This new solution can help realize 400 V AC transmission technology, making the material transportation process not easy to be blocked: in the past, PLC software and additional pneumatic systems were required for zero-pressure pallet transportation to ensure the automation of the transportation of goods from the transfer point to the stacker or elevator in the warehouse, which often required a high cost. Today, with Intel's solution, centralized PLC cable and PLC programming are no longer necessary. This new control unit has become a link between the drive product and Intel's proven Multi Control, providing a complete control solution for the zero pressure build-up conveyor again.

This year's CeMAT exhibition focuses on " intelligent logistics" and accelerates the upgrading of the logistics industry. This sends a signal that intelligent and efficient logistics solutions will certainly become the mainstream of the logistics industry in the future. Dr. Xia said: " We have been thinking about the changes brought about by industry 4.0 to the logistics industry and how we should deal with them. After constant research and development, we draw two conclusions: First, digitalization represents the development trend of logistics industry, the digitalization and intelligence level of logistics system will be higher in the future, and logistics system will assume more functions in the whole industrial environment; Second, the mechanical and electronic parts of many products in the industry are separated at present. With the improvement of intelligent level of logistics system in the future, it is possible to realize independent operation without another control system. Ingenu is also developing corresponding products, such as tray rollers newly developed this year, which not only provide mechanical driving devices, but also have software analysis functions.