The new theme of CeMAT Asia for the same period in 2019 - EPACK - tech Asia e-commerce packaging exhibition in Asia

Today is the second day of Asia Logistics Trade Show.

Hannover Milan Exhibition ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. announced that EPACK - TECH Asia will be held in Shanghai from 2019, focusing on food and non-food processing and packaging technologies. The exhibition will be held in the same place as Cemet Asia. Liu Guoliang, managing director of Hannover Milan Exhibition ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd., said: " At Italian headquarters, we hold Ipak - IMA, Europe's second largest processing and packaging technology exhibition, every three years. However, in view of the rapid growth of China's e-commerce market on a multi-billion scale, the market strongly calls for improvement of e-commerce packaging in order to promote transactions and improve consumption experience. " Obviously, the demand for packaging and logistics technology in the e-commerce market is more urgent. In recent years, with the rapid development of e - commerce, the number of e-commerce logistics packages has increased explosively. How to avoid excessive packaging, recycling difficulties and customer information disclosure has become an in-depth issue in the industry, and it also creates a transformation opportunity for the market to improve packaging technology and transportation efficiency.

Epack - tech Asia will focus on discussing hot spots around food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics and personal care products, showing innovative results, and will be held at the Shanghai new international Expo center from October 23 to 26, 2019