Geek + Technology: Meeting New Logistics

Today is the second day of Asia Logistics Exhibition.

Geek +  Technology's products on display at CeMAT are comprehensive solutions for the entire supply chain. In the past, products only focused on selection. With the development of the market, they recently introduced products and technologies for industrial intelligent handling. I believe the company will do more and more in the market. In fact, after joint research and development, the concepts of 3D visual manipulator selection and AR technology are constantly being introduced, and the company is also trying.

" We put special emphasis on customer experience and customer service at this exhibition and will introduce the whole process and the whole value chain. At the same time, we also attach great importance to the digital supply chain, which is believed to be the future development trend. " The company's marketing director Gao Yunfan said.

At the top of this year's booth, the theme of " Meet New Logistics" is very striking. Director Gao mentioned that this theme is embodied in three aspects: First, robots - there is a need for technological upgrading, such as upgrading navigation from traditional navigation to two-dimensional code navigation, and the diversity of robots, such as lifting, pulling and man-machine interaction, to match the handling application scenarios of more users; Second, A I artificial intelligence, this technology has a very large imagination space in the future, and the applications in the warehouse, including the dynamic planning of robot paths and shelves, can be realized through A I algorithm. Third, the digital supply chain, how to help customers realize digital visualization and end-to-end data control, and how to use these data to achieve forward-looking maintenance to guide warehouse operation and management. These three aspects are concrete means to help customers realize new logistics and solve problems.

According to the analysis of the senior director, the logistics robot market is currently in a high-speed development stage, with the compound annual growth rate reaching double-digit or even triple - digit, and there will still be huge development space in the next three to five years. He said: " For the traditional logistics industry, replacing labor with robots will become an inevitable trend, while for industries with a high degree of automation, our technology will enable customers to improve efficiency and help him continuously empower and upgrade technology. "

Looking to the future, Geek +  will firmly follow the globalization route, create service points in different regions and better serve the market and the global logistics industry with regional partners. At the same time, actively build the robot's ecological chain to achieve healthy and rapid growth.